Beltane Hill Co-Village

February 5th, 2019

~ “Sweet tribe of my belonging, gather with me here.”

Here …is in the countryside, where pagan hearts thrive. In rural Middlefield of Western Mass, on a hill overlooking the Westfield River valleys, we already have what many communities spend so much effort attaining.  We have a shared-use Common House with dining room for over 100 people, a commercial kitchen, kids’ play space, greenhouse, and healing pyramid.  This uncommon Common House is named Beltane Hill.


With me …is already gathered an economic enterprise of 25 jobs –AzureGreen—supplying magical gifts globally, and sharing the Beltane Hill site. Also sharing Beltane Hill is a Community Center membership organization –Blossom Center –hosting meals twice a week.

I am founder Tamarin Laurel, a Witch, a civic contributor, and sometimes a writer and artist. I’m exploring how we intentionalize and deepen connections of community. We are creating a village that is more than a proximity of houses.  I seek models of living lightly on earth.  I welcome active participants in local governance and decision-making.  We encourage inspirational practices that support the flourishing of spirit.  Sustainable, practical, and simple, are the watchwords for our ways.

Find our page on FaceBook with:  @BeltaneHill

Over 120 people, from age 1 to 90, gathered for pre-construction ground-blessing.

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