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Regional Implementers Network

November 29th, 2015 Comments off

At the Nov 2015 organizational meeting of a Regional Task Force for the Hilltowns of the Gateway school district, State Rep. Smitty Pignatelli advised that change was needed to accomplish improving services despite diminishing tax base in rural Western Mass. He said regional conversations were needed, recognizing that the state legislature would not be effective in our stead.  We needed a network for sharing and discussing needs and solutions that did not depend upon a governmental layer for implementation.  This echoed what state Sen. Ben Downing had said more than a year prior: Between the governance and problem-solving that the small townships can offer, and the bureaucratic infrastructure of the state level, we needed a regional infrastructure or network that was not a governmental layer. We needed an agile entity that could provide a voice for our rural area, and work on solutions which are often not on a metro-Boston-stacked legislature’s mind.

I believe in starting from the grassroots up. “Region” can be your neighborhood, your town, your vicinity of several towns, your collection of people connected by a specific interest or concern.  My town is Middlefield. The Community Center facility at Blossom Center, 16 Bell Rd, Middlefield can provide a physical hub location for gathering people together in conversation. This website can provide an internet hub location for gathering links with the people and places across our region who also are implementing ways to connect across our political boundaries, and work together on implementing improvements to our shared world.  Come join the Implementers Network!


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